Terms & Conditions

When using the emailgenerator.io Service, the User assigns to THE MAIL TRACK COMPANY, S.L., which accepts, the processing of all personal data arising from the functioning of the emailgenerator.io Service to which it has access during the provision of the above service in relation to each generation of combinations created by the User (hereafter, “the Accessed Data”), that is, the name and surnames in the search, the name of the company at which he works, and the e-mail addresses generated by the search engine.

Based on the above, THE MAIL TRACK COMPANY, S.L. will act as a Data Processor, making the following commitment:

(i) Not to apply or use the Accessed Data for purposes besides the sole provision of the emailgenerator.io Service requested by the User, nor to cede them; (ii) Not to sub-contract the processing of the Accessed Data to third parties without the User's prior written consent. To this effect, the User knows and accepts that the Service is hosted in Ireland by Amazon Web Services, Inc. (iii) To maintain professional secrecy concerning the Accessed Data, even after ending its relations with the User; (iv) To adopt all the technical and organizational measures necessary in order to guarantee the security of the Accessed Data and avoid their alteration, loss, unauthorized processing or access, applying for this purpose the basic security measures contained in Royal Decree 1720/2007 of December 21st, with which the Regulation of Development of Basic Law 15/1999 of December 13th on the Protection of Personal Data was approved, or any regulation that may replace it; (v) To transfer the obligations mentioned in this clause to the personnel that THE MAIL TRACK COMPANY, S.L. may assign to the provision of the emailgenerator.io Service; (vi) Once the provision of the emailgenerator.io Service is eliminated, THE MAIL TRACK COMPANY, S.L. will delete the Accessed Data from its information system, as well as any software or documents in which any of the Accessed Data are present, except for those data that it must retain for the periods of time set out in the applicable legal provisions or as long as any liabilities may arise from its relation with the User and (vii) To comply with any other obligation that may be incumbent upon it in accordance with the currently valid regulations mentioned above.